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Road Bikes made for Long Rides

If you are going for long rides, you need the best combination of an all-round road bike for different terrains. Not only low weight and low drag are important, but also a wide range gear configuration and a comfortable frame geometry help you getting less tired on long rides with its different challenges. The model Princess of Orange is perfectly made for it!


Princess of Orange is the ultimate all-round cycling machine for long distances. It is not only incredibly light, but it is also equipped with the TI80-60 ultralight carbon/titanium aero wheelset, providing quick acceleration and low drag for long distance rides in different terrains. With Shimano's Di2 electronic gear shifting and with its comfortable frame geometry you can ride this astonishing road bike longer than any other road bike. The wide range gear configuration of 11-30 allows you to ride fast downhills and flat sections, but also climb easy in hilly areas or in long climbs, without tiring too quickly.


  • Comfortable frame geometry

  • Wide range gear shifting configuration 50/34 and 11-30

  • Ultralight <6.8 Kg (6760g Size 52, Rim Brake)

  • Shimano Ultegra Di2 Group Set

  • TI80-60 ultralight carbon/titanium aero wheelset for low drag and fast acceleration

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