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Rennrad Rennvelo Vélobsessive Princess of Orange auf einer Bergstrasse in der Schweiz

Princess of Orange and Flamme Rouge: Road Bikes for the Highest Demand 

When planning extensive rides, the selection of the optimal road bike is crucial. An ideal bike for long distances should provide a balanced combination of various features that go beyond mere weight and air resistance. An extended gear range and a comfortable frame geometry also play a crucial role in minimizing fatigue on long routes. Both the Princess of Orange and the Flamme Rouge models have been specially designed to meet these requirements.

The Princess of Orange and the Flamme Rouge define themselves as the ultimate all-round racing bikes for long distances. In addition to their impressively light weight, they are equipped with the ultra-lightweight Carbon/Titanium Aero wheelset TI80-60. This wheelset not only enables rapid acceleration but also minimizes air resistance, ensuring optimal performance on long-distance rides across various terrains. The integration of Shimano's electronic Di2 shifting system and the carefully considered frame geometry make these racing bikes outstanding companions for long-distance rides. With the Princess of Orange and the Flamme Rouge, you will be able to cover longer distances than with any other racing bike.


The generous gear range of 11-30 or even 11-34 allows you to make swift progress on descents and flat stretches. At the same time, you can effortlessly tackle hilly terrain or long ascents without tiring prematurely. The combination of these outstanding features makes the Princess of Orange and the Flamme Rouge reliable companions on long rides, where comfort, performance, and endurance are equally important.

  • Comfortable frame geometry

  • Large gear range

  • Ultra-lightweight <7 kg (Size 52, Dura-Ace)

  • Shimano Di2 group set Ultegra or Dura-Ace

  • Ultra-lightweight carbon aero wheelset TI80-60 for minimal air resistance and rapid acceleration   

Road Bike Princess of Orange
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