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100% 5-star reviews on Google

A tremendous success for Vélobsessive: It is with proud joy that we announce Vélobsessive has achieved 100% 5-star reviews on Google myBusiness since its inception! Our dedication to perfection and our pursuit of excellent service are confirmed by over 25 reviews from our valued customers – each one awarded the highest rating.

Vélobsessive 5-Star Rating

Thanks to our wonderful customers.

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all our customers who have shared their experiences with Vélobsessive. Your positive feedback means everything to us and serves as confirmation that our efforts to ensure the highest quality and customer satisfaction are appreciated.

Our Mission: Excellence in every detail.

At Vélobsessive, we adhere to a clear mission – excellence in every detail. From innovative 3D printing technology for customized bike components to the aesthetic design of our road bikes, we place the utmost value on precision and quality. Your positive reviews not only acknowledge our past work but also serve as inspiration to continuously elevate our standards. Even when occasional challenges arise, we spare no effort to satisfy our customers. This dedication has allowed us to achieve an impressive 100% 5-star rating.

What our customers say.

Here are some excerpts from reviews that particularly delighted us:

"Thank you, Vélobsessive. You perfectly understand how to encapsulate our fascination for road cycling in a cool bike."

"We are 100% satisfied. From consultation to delivery: everything is top-notch!"

"I purchased my new bike from Vélobsessive (Princess of Orange). The service, quality, and value for money are outstanding."

"The fine, personal workshop where you enter as a cyclist and emerge as royalty. Everything is handled by the boss."


We are grateful for your support and look forward to continuing to enhance your cycling experiences. Here's to 100% 5-star reviews – and many more unforgettable bike rides!


With heartfelt thanks,

Thomas Glättli, Owner Vélobsessive


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