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Gruppetto new Swiss Magazine for Cycling

Updated: Mar 19

Last year saw the debut of the first issue of "Gruppetto," the new Swiss magazine for cycling and bike culture. As a Swiss road bike manufacturer, we at Vélobsessive find this to be a wonderful development. The "Gruppetto" magazine aligns perfectly with our passion for cycling and for fast, lightweight, and beautiful road bikes.

Gruppetto new Swiss Magazine for Cycling

Therefore, we are supporting "Gruppetto" in 2024 with a year-long advertising campaign. Four issues of the "Gruppetto" magazine are set to be released this year. There will be close collaboration with the Tour de Suisse, and "Gruppetto" will be the official media partner of the UCI Road World Championships in Zurich.

Additionally, subscribers will receive a newsletter every two weeks with the latest updates from the cycling scene. Join "Gruppetto" now, subscribe, and help enable comprehensive coverage of Swiss cycling:


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