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New Shimano Ultegra and Dura-Ace Groupsets with 12-speed Gears

All new orders for Vélobsessive road bikes that are configured with the Shimano Ultegra or Shimano Dura-Ace groupsets will now be delivered with the latest versions (R8100 or R9200) with 2 x 12-speed electronic gear shifting. The following are the most important innovations:

While the new DURA-ACE was developed uncompromisingly for every imaginable competitive advantage, the new ULTEGRA is the everyday affordable version of all these top technologies.

As with the top group, the new developments of the ULTEGRA can be divided into four broad areas: gear shifting system, interface, drive train and braking system.

Gear Shifting System

  • Wireless communication between gear lever and rear derailleur or front derailleur

  • New Di2 servomotors with a more compact design

  • Shifting time on the rear derailleur reduced by 58%

  • Shifting time on the front derailleur reduced by 45%

  • Charging connection on the rear derailleur

  • Integrated radio transmitter in the rear derailleur

  • Reduced weights:

  • DURA-ACE R9200 rear derailleur 215 g

  • DURA-ACE R9200 front derailleur 96 g

  • ULTEGRA rear derailleur 262 g

  • ULTEGRA front derailleur 116 g


  • Improved ergonomics of the shift / brake levers

  • Enlarged grip area between handlebar and brake lever and thus improved comfort and control

  • Optimized distance between the two switch buttons

  • Wireless communication between gear lever and rear derailleur or front derailleur

  • Reduced weights:

  • DURA-ACE shift / brake lever 350 g

  • UL TEGRA shift / brake lever 391g

Drive Train

  • New 12-speed HYPERGLIDE + cassettes in increments of 11-30 t and 11-34 t

  • Gear switching possible under full load

  • The new 12-speed cassettes are compatible with the previous 11-speed freehub bodies

  • Cranks available with integrated power meter

  • Reduced weights:

  • DURA-ACE power meter crank 748 g

  • ULTEGRA power meter crank 769 g

Braking System

  • Shorter idle travel of the brakes

  • Faster contact between brake pads and brake discs

  • Optimized modulation ensures a better and safer braking feeling

  • Reduced noise development due to 10% larger brake pad spacing in the rest position

  • New brake discs with less deformation when heat is generated

  • Reduced weights:

  • DURA-ACE, one-piece brake calipers 229g per pair

  • ULTEGRA, two-piece brake calipers 282 g per pair


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