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Bike Fitting Services for Triathletes

Updated: Feb 21

With “Bike Fitting TRI” and "Bike Fitting TRI - Pro" Vélobsessive now offers specific bike fitting services for triathletes. A perfect position on your triathlon bike can have a significant positive impact on your performance in a Triathlon. Therefore, we now offer specific bike fitting service for triathletes which include the optimal setting of your aero position.

It includes configuration of the cockpit with handlebar extensions spacer height, reach, angle and arm pads setting. Finding the right seating position and selection of the optimal crank length is also included. “Bike Fitting TRI” is based on the Dynamic Fitting services and includes finding and testing the position on the simulator under movement and load. “Bike Fitting TRI - Pro” in addition includes a 3D pedal analysis which allows improving your pedal efficiency.

Bike Fitting for Triathletes in Zurich | bikefitting

Bike Fitting TRI

  • Determining the optimal aero position on the simulator by trying out different fine adjustments under movement and load.

  • Determining the optimal cockpit setting for handlebar extensions, spacer height, extension angle, arm pad position.

  • Correction of any misalignments and the associated problems

  • Optimal adjustment of the cleats

  • Duration approx. 3h

Bike Fittion TRI - Pro

  • All above services of Bike Fitting TRI

  • 3D pedal analysis to analyse and improve your pedal efficiency

  • Duration approx. 3.5h


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