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Insights into the Details of Vélobsessive Wheels

Updated: Feb 20

Wheels are considered the crucial components of a road bike. In the case of a rotating wheel, aerodynamics and weight are of particular importance and significantly impact performance compared to static components. It is the subtle details that make the crucial difference. Below, you will find detailed information on the construction and structure of the wheels by Vélobsessive:

Velobsessive Wheelset


The ultra-light carbon rims are available in various heights of 80, 60, 45, and 30mm, offering not only minimal weight but also optimal aerodynamics. Our rims allow for the installation of tubeless tires (Tubeless Ready) or tires with tubes. Upon request, we also manufacture wheels for tubular tires. Rims for road bikes come in two variants with 19mm and 21mm inner widths. The 21mm rims allow for the use of wider tires, reducing rolling resistance.



For spokes, we rely on the proven Sapim CX-Ray bladed spokes, also used by other renowned high-end wheel manufacturers such as Zipp. They combine low weight with optimal aerodynamics. Alternatively, we utilize Pillar X-Tra Lite Titanium bladed spokes, further reducing the wheelset's weight by an additional 80g.


At Vélobsessive we design our wheels exclusively with integrated (hidden) nipples. This aesthetically pleasing choice reduces drag and improves wheel performance by up to 4%. The nipples are made of lightweight aluminium.

Internal Nipples


Our ultralight hubs are beautifully designed and feature ceramic bearings that minimize rolling resistance. For optimal aerodynamics, we only use straight-pull hubs.

Optimized for Low Weight and Aerodynamics

In wheel design, weight and aerodynamics are crucial factors. Low weight allows for quick acceleration, while aerodynamics become essential at high speeds. Choosing the wheel configuration can be tailored to the intended application, considering factors such as rim height for an optimal combination. For instance, a tubular wheelset for disc brakes with 45mm rim height and titanium spokes weighs an incredible 1139g!


Vélobsessive Wheelset with only 1139g

All these meticulous details position Vélobsessive wheels as a premium product meeting the highest standards in terms of aerodynamics, weight, and handling.


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