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Vélobsessive Rennrad Rennvelo Zürich Schweiz

Vélobsessive – Obsession for Road Bikes | Swiss Road Bike Manufactory

Our obsession is dedicated to creating breathtaking premium road bikes. 

Vélobsessive road bikes are custom-built and assembled in Switzerland. With a personalized bike fitting, your road bike is adjusted to your optimal riding position with millimeter precision.

What is Your Challenge?

What ever your personal goals and challenges in cycling sports may be: For each type of application, we have a specifically designed road bike model. Our premium road bikes perfectly master the challenges of the respective circumstances and in all road and weather conditions.


Strassenrennrad Rennvelo Princess of Orange auf einer Schweizer Bergstrasse

Road Bike: Take the Long Way Home!


If you are going for long rides, you need the best combination of an all-round road bike for different terrains. Not only low weight and low drag are important, but also a wide range gear configuration and a comfortable frame geometry help you getting less tired on long rides.


Our models Princess of Orange and Flamme Rouge are perfectly made for it!

Rennrad für Berge Vélobsessive El Dorado in den Schweizer Alpen

Road Bike for Mountains: Climb Mountains!

When it comes to climbing mountain roads, the essential advantage  is a light road bike. But you also need low air resistance in order to descend at high speeds.


Our model El Dorado combines these important characteristics and adds a precise and direct handling for curvy downhills.



Vélobsessive Triathlon Bike Purple Air  in Aktion

Triathlon Bike and Time Trial Bike: Beat the Clock! 


For time trials and triathlons, the most important aspect is low air resistance. For such applications, aerodynamics outperforms weight by far.


Therefore, we have focused on aerodynamics when we designed our time trial bike model Purple Air.


Vélobsessive Gravel Bike Cobblestone auf einer Gravel Strasse in der Schweiz

Gravel Bike: Ride Cobblestones and Gravel!


When the going gets rough, the tough get going - with a road bike specially designed to master rough roads, such as cobblestone pavements and gravel roads. A road bike made to master these extreme conditions, needs a robust design, the ability to mount wide tyres and many other important features to make riding rough roads easier.

Vélobsessive Bike Fitting Studio in Neerach bei Bülach und Zürich

Bike Fitting: Find Your Best Cycling Position!


Finding your optimal cycling position is essential to reach best performance and enjoy painless riding. As official partner of, Vélobsessive offers comprehensive bike fitting services.

Engo 2 Sport-Datenbrille | Smart Glasses | Smartglasses für Radfahrer

Smart Glasses: Track Your Perfomrance!

At Vélobsessive we are using smart eyewear since a few years and are convinced that this technology is providing a good benefit for athletes. Now, the second generation of sports smart glasses has become available. They are lighter and thus more comfortable to wear, have longer lasting batteries, brighter displays and come with a lower price. 

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