Beautiful Premium Bicycles

We are obsessive in building beautiful premium bicycles. Superlight carbon frames combined with carefully chosen components and swiss quality assembling make each of our bicycles a unique pearl of cycling sports. Our roadbikes are assembled with passion, detail attention and with a special eye on design and colour.

Choose Your Roadbike Model

For each type of road, we have a specifically designed model which ideally masters the challenges of the respective circumstances.

To make your chosen model perfectly fit for you, we assemble each bicycle upon order. After your order, we will contact you to ask your body size and specific configuration preferences. We will then calculate the optimal sizes for frame, crank length and handle bar width. 

Beautiful roadbike Flamme Rouge in southern France

Flamme Rouge 

Flamme Rouge is built for low weight and is the perfect machine for long and steep climbing as well as for fast descents. 

We intentionally left out everything which does not make it faster, so there is no electronic gear shifting, no power meter or such like gadgets. Flamme Rouge is just pure mechanical cycling at its best.

You will enjoy its incredible acceleration and its precise and direct handling.

beautiful premium roadbike - Flamme Rouge

Purple Air

Our model Purple Air is designed for optimal aerodynamics. With the combination of an aerodynamic carbon frame and superfast aero wheels, Purple Air is the ultimate machine for triathlon or time trial events.

With Shimano’s DI2 electronic gear shifting, you can shift gears either form your aero position or when your hands are on the brake levers. 

You will be excited by its incredible speed and low rolling resistance.

Beautiful roadbike, triathlon bike purple air

TI80-60 Ultralight Carbon Aero Wheelset 

TI80-60 is our new ultralight aero carbon wheelset model, having one of the best price/performance ratios you can get. 

With its total weight of only 1245g and aerodynamic rim depths of 80 and 60mm, this wheelset unites the characteristics of low air resistance with an incredible low weight, providing you with the best racing performance for climbing as well as for fast downhill and flat sections. 

TI80-60 Ultralight Carbon Aero Wheelset


(coming out in spring 2020)
The model Cobblestone is made for riding rough roads and cobblestone pavements. With its robust design and wide tyres, you can ride any type of rough road.

If you ever dreamed of riding the pavés of Paris-Roubaix, this is the best bicycle you can get for it 

cobblestone bike