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Vélobsessive is a swiss road bike design and assembling company. We are obsessive in building beautiful premium road bikes. Superlight carbon frames combined with carefully chosen components and swiss quality assembling make each of our bicycles a unique pearl of cycling sports. We sell our raod bikes direct only, which allows us to provide our customers high end road bike products at a competitive and affordable price. Our quality road bikes are built with a lot of  passion, detail attention and with a special eye on design and colour.

What is your Challenge?


What ever your personal goals and challenges in cycling sports may be: For each type of application, we have a specifically designed road bike model. Our premium road bikes perfectly master the challenges of the respective circumstances and in all road and weather conditions.



Climb Mountains!


When it comes to climbing mountain roads, the essential advantage  is a light road bike. But you also need low air resistance in order to descend at high speeds. Our model El Dorado combines these important characteristics and adds a precise and direct handling for curvy downhills.




Beat the Clock!


For time trials and triathlons, the most important aspect is low air resistance. For such applications, aerodynamics outperforms weight by far. Therefore, we have focused on aerodynamics when we designed our time trial bike model Purple Air.



Take the Long Way Home!


If you are going for long rides, you need the best combination of an all-round road bike for different terrains. Not only low weight and low drag are important, but also a wide range gear configuration and a comfortable frame geometry help you getting less tired on long rides with its different challenges. The model Princess of Orange is perfectly made for it!


Ride Cobbles and Gravel!


When the going gets rough, the tough get going - with a road bike specially designed to master rough roads, such as cobblestone pavements and gravel roads. A road bike made to master these extreme conditions, needs a robust design, the ability to mount wide tyres and many other important features to make riding rough roads easier.

Find Your Best Cycling Position!


Finding your optimal cycling position is essential to reach best performance and enjoy painless riding. As official partner of, Vélobsessive offers three levels of bike fitting services: Basicm, Dynamic an Pro. A bike fit consists in finding your right bike size and saddle model, precisely adjusting your shoe cleats, saddle height and setback, checking your cycling position in motion and analysing your pedalling stroke to identify your improvement areas.

"After the new set up I can stay longer in the TT/aero position. And by longer I mean 3+ hours! After the adjustment of shoes - the pain in my feet is not appearing anymore. Thanks for the Service!"

Robert Krajewski - Triathlete

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Track your Performance!

Most athletes already use electronic devices such as GPS cycling computers and sports watches to track their performance and record their training sessions. At Vélobsessive we are using smart eyewear since a few years and are convinced that this technology is providing a good benefit for athletes. Now, the second generation of sports smart glasses has become available. They are lighter and thus more comfortable to wear, have longer lasting batteries, brighter displays and come with a lower price. We are happy to announce that the ENGO smart glasses can now be purchased from Vélobsessive.

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