Vélobsessive Bike Fitting

A bike fit consists in finding your right bike size and saddle model, precisely adjusting your shoe cleats, saddle height and setback, checking your cycling position in motion and analysing your pedalling stroke to identify your improvement areas.

As official partner of Bikefitting.com, Vélobsessive offers three levels of bike fitting services: Basic, Dynamic and Pro. We offer these fitting services at a fixed price. Should finding your optimal position take longer, you will not have any additional cost. 


If you purchase a Vélobsessive road bike, a Dynamic fitting is included in the purchase price. 

Dynamic Bike Fitting
Basic Bike Fitting

Basic Fitting

With Basic bike fitting, all your relevant body parameters are precisely measured. Then we calculate the optimal frame size and all dimensions for the desired bike model. The Basic bike fitting is independent of whether you buy a Vélobsessive road bike or a model from another manufacturer. We can calculate the correct sizes for all commercially available models. In addition, we measure your sit bone width, using a special device and we recommend the optimal saddle for you.

  • Precise measurement of your body parameters: height, stride length, upper body length, shoulder width, arm length and foot length.

  • Measurement of the sit bone width using a sit pressure measuring device.

  • Calculation of the correct bicycle dimensions: frame size, seat height, crank length, handlebar height, handlebar width, stem length and angle

  • Recommendation for an optimal saddle

  • Duration approx. 1 hour

Dynamic Fitting


The dynamic fitting is a complete bike fitting and includes the bike fitting basic. In addition, we determine the optimal sitting position on the simulator by trying out various fine adjustments under movement and load. We start from the bike dimensions calculated in the basic fitting and optimize your seating position.

  • Determine the optimal position on the simulator by trying out various fine adjustments under movement and load.

  • Trying out different handlebar and saddle models

  • Eliminating any misalignments and associated problems

  • Optimal adjustment of the cleats

  • Tried and tested optimal cycling position and bike dimensions: frame size, saddle height, crank length, handlebar height, handlebar width, stem length and angle.

  • Duration approx. 2 hours

Dynamic Bike Fitting
Pro Bike Fitting

Pro Fitting


The Bikefitting Pro includes the Dynamic Fitting, plus a 3D pedalling analysis. Pedalling efficiency is measured under load and in real time. We detect any wrong pedalling patterns, and you can optimize the adjustment of your cleats or, if necessary, take further measures to increase pedalling efficiency (e.g., use of shoe insoles).

  • Real-time measurement of the force applied to the pedals (left / right) under load.

  • Optimization of power transmission and pedalling efficiency.

  • Detection of any wrong pedalling patterns

  • Duration approx. 3 hours

Bike Setting


Apart from the adjustment of the cleats, the seat height and the position of the saddle, we cannot make any other necessary adjustments to your bike during or after the bike fitting. Sometimes major modifications and new components are necessary. For example, it may be necessary to mount a new handlebar or a new stem. Therefore we offer you the necessary measures for the perfect setting of your bike and we make an appointment for the implementation of these measures after the bike fitting.