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Vélobsessive road bikes now available with custom airbrush design

Updated: May 10, 2021

Now you can get your Vélobsessive road bike in your favourite custom airbrush design. Our airbrush artist can turn almost any idea into a unique and stylish masterpiece. We paint frame, fork and seat post with your own favourite design. You can choose between matt or glossy finish.

This example is a model Princess of Orange, made for a snake enthusiast. It has the skin of a rainbow boa with matt finish. Off course we carefully choose the colours of the handlebar tape, skewers and other details matching the colours of the painted frame, to get a perfect style and overall impression. In this example we have chosen a special handlebar tape, which has a snake like pattern and perfectly matches the design of the frame.

Contact us if you would like to create your own unique road bike design. The process is easy: You send us photos of the desired design and we will send you a quote for the cost of the airbrush and off course for your individual configuration of the road bike.

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