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Vélobsessive Bike Fitting Services

Updated: Feb 21

Vélobsessive now offers comprehensive bike fitting services. A bike fit consists in finding your right bike size and saddle model, precisely adjusting your shoe cleats, saddle height and setback, checking your cycling position in motion and analysing your pedalling stroke to identify your improvement areas.

Bike Fitting in Zurich

​As official partner of, Vélobsessive offers three levels of bike fitting services. We offer these fitting services at a fixed price. Should finding your optimal position take longer, you will not have any additional cost.

Basic Fitting

  • Precise measurement of your body parameters

  • Measurement of the sit bone using a sit pressure measuring device.

  • Calculation of the correct bicycle dimensions

  • Recommendation for an optimal saddle

Dynamic Fitting

  • Basic Fitting

  • Finding the optimal position on the simulator

  • Adjustment of the cleats

Pro Fitting

  • Dynamic Fitting

  • Real-time measurement of the force applied to the pedals (left/right) under load.

  • Optimization of power transmission and pedalling efficiency

  • Detection of any wrong pedalling patterns

Our bike fitting services are independent of whether you buy a Vélobsessive road bike or not. If you purchase a Vélobsessive road bike, a basic bike fitting is included in the purchase price.


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