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The new Purple Air 2024 triathlon and time trial bike from Vélobsessive - lighter, faster and more versatile!

Updated: Jan 19

Vélobsessive has struck again! The brand new Purple Air 2024 triathlon and time trial bike sets new standards compared to its previous model. Here are some exciting features that make the 2024 model a must-have for all triathletes and time trial enthusiasts.

Vélobsessive Purple Air - Triathlon and TT Bike

Lighter, faster and improved aerodynamics

For the Purple Air 2024, not only was the weight reduced compared to the previous model, but the aerodynamics were also further improved. A lighter bike means faster acceleration and improved maneuverability. The optimized aerodynamics ensure ultimate speed on the track. The integrated cable routing not only contributes to a tidy aesthetic, but also improves the aerodynamics of the entire racing bike.

Versatile carbon cockpit

The cockpit of the Purple Air 2024 has been completely redesigned. The handlebars and handlebar extensions are made entirely of carbon, which not only ensures outstanding strength but also a feather-light driving experience. This state-of-the-art design underlines Vélobsessive's commitment to cutting-edge technology, offering precise control and aerodynamic performance that meets even the highest demands.

The extensions come in a flat and a raised version. The cockpit now has a standard clamp and allows handlebars and handlebar extensions from other manufacturers to be mounted, giving the rider the freedom to adapt the setup to their individual preferences. Flexibility and adaptability are at the heart of this modern triathlon and time trial bike.

Wheels of your choice

The wheels are crucial for performance. The Purple Air 2024 offers a choice between an in-house wheelset with 80mm rims at the rear and 60mm at the front or a disc wheel at the rear. This flexibility opens new possibilities to adapt the bike to individual preferences and specific racing requirements.

The Purple Air 2024 triathlon and time trial bike from Vélobsessive is more than just a new bike model - it sets new standards. With reduced weight, various configuration options, improved aerodynamics and, last but not least, its excellent price-performance ratio, it sets a new standard for triathlon and time trial bikes. What are you waiting for? Experience the future of cycling now!



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