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Custom Road Bikes in your Company’s Design

Updated: Feb 21

Company owners who are driving big and heavy company cars was yesterday. Nowadays company owners, who are enthusiastic about their company AND cycling sports, purchase their custom lightweight road bike in the design of their company. This is giving them the opportunity to enjoy doing sports on their unique road bike, while promoting their company at the same time.

Here an example we recently built for the owner of ALMAT, who has purchased this high-end custom road bike on his private expense.

Véolobsessive Princess of Orange in design of ALMAT company

ALMAT AG is an independent company based in Tagelswangen near Zurich. ALMAT has been successfully planning, producing, selling and maintaining emergency lighting and emergency power systems for over 30 years. Safety concepts based on AC and DC LPS and CPS emergency lighting systems in connection with emergency lights for central supply and with self-contained batteries are the focus of their activities.

Contact us, if you want to build your custom road bike in your own company’s design, colours and logo!


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