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Bernd John wins individual time trial with Vélobsessive Purple Air

Updated: Feb 21

No sooner has he picked up his new Purple Air time trial bike than Bernd John has already won his first individual time trial. The individual time trial, organized by the sports club Karlsruher Lemminge in the Bienwald near Karlsruhe, covered a distance of 22 km, which last year's runner-up in the individual time trial world championships completed with a time of 32:17 and an average speed of 41 km per hour.

Thanks to the age bonus, the 72-year-old was able to win and stood on top of the podium. Without the age bonus, Bernd would have been a respectable 10th out of 40 participants.

Congratulations and we wish Bernd further success with the new Purple Air time trial bike from Vélobsessive.

Time Trial speciallist Bernd John wins race with Vélobsessive Time Trial Bike Purple Air



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