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3D-Printed Spacers - an Innovation by Vélobsessive

Updated: Feb 20

Our headset cap and spacers are precision-engineered using 3D printing technology, tailored to the rider's exact seating position with millimeter accuracy.

Regular Spacer vs. 3D-Printed Spacer
Conventionla Cap w. Spacers vs. 3D-Printed Cap/Spacer in one piece from Vélobsessive

Unlike conventional road bikes that come with a stack of headset cap and multiple spacers (up to nine individual pieces), Vélobsessive offers an elegant solution in one single piece. This not only enhances aesthetics but ensures the precise required stack height is achieved. Additionally, our design minimizes the risk of dirt and water ingress at the joints.

At Vélobsessive, we conduct a personalized bike fitting to determine the exact build height and then manufacture the headset cap and spacers in a single piece, customized for each individual customer.

Of course this innovative solution also facilitates integrated cable routing and presents itself aesthetically, creating a clean and polished overall impression.


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